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TheIncomeHighway.com and any other associated websites take NO RESPONSIBILITY Whatsoever regarding the earnings you make from your own Internet Businesses. Your financial rewards and your financial losses are purely YOUR RESPONISIBILITY TheIncomeHighway.com through its physical courses and websites will show you various different methods where you can, after you have taken the steps to set up your own internet business potentially earn from that online business activity. The methods we show you are not instant; they demand work, determination, dedication and time. You will have to work hard at getting your Internet Business up and running and generating an income. TheIncomeHighway.com will never extract or demand any financial gains you may make TheIncomeHighway.com and its associated Trading Names and its associated Websites offer NO Guarantees that you will make an income from any internet business you may set up. It is written law that you have to declare your earnings to the appropriate authorities. It is completely your responsibility to calculate your own due taxes from any income you may make from any internet business you may set up or nominate a professional to do so on your behalf. TheIncomeHighway.com and its associated websites take NO RESPONSIBILITY for your tax liabilities. It is understood that you fully understand and agree that TheIncomeHighway.com are not responsible for the failure or success of any business that you may set up after attending one of its courses or viewing material on its websites. TheIncomeHighway.com does not sell any of their own products through any of its courses. All the various Internet Business Models shown and presented at one of its courses and through their websites are completely independent of TheIncomeHighway.com.